In the past years I was concentrating on organizing salsa-parties and events I just hadnít got enough time to be at the turntables myself.

As IĎd like to perform as a DJ more often I shortened my activities as an organizer and now I am able to offer more available dates again.

In other words Iím looking forward to be booked as a DJ again.

My salary may always be negotiable, it depends on distance, location size, ticket price and how many DJ will be performing. Please just ask. I am also willing to accept a share of the ticket price instead of a fixed salary, so the risk is shared too.

For bookings in other countries I mostly ask for the travel expenses, full board and lodging for the weekend only, this can also be a private one. Iíll be happy to use the opportunity to explore each region.
Distances up to 300 km Iíll travel by caravan so there will be no accommodation costs.

I have worked since 1995 as Salsa DJ. Since that time, I played my music in many clubs and festivals in Europe (Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Spain, Austria.
On my references, you can see where I worked everywhere.
I would be pleased although you would book me as DJ once.
I play Mambo, Guaguanco of the 60s & 70s, MamboSalsa, Salsa, Salsa Romantica, ChaCha, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, Zouk, Reggaeton.